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A collection of sites we know and strongly suggest you to visit.

Agroalimenta offers Typical piedmontese local products as well as our efforts for Excellence in Italian food products, since we produce Italian jams and Sugar-free Italian jams together with tasty and savoury Marmelades. Test our Wine jellies production for the best wine jellies ever, as well as our Mustards and our Compote production or Italian marmalades production. We are Italian and Italian cuisine is our specialty, thus here we are with our Italian sauces production and our Sugar-free Italian jams production for people who don't like sugar. You love the sweet taste of good wine ? Try our Italian wine jellies production, or try our tasteful Italian mustard production to put on cheeses and vegetables. Our Italian gravy production and our Italian appetizers production will make you want more and more. But it's with the tasty terrine of wild boar or terrine of rabbit that you will reach the top of our production. You can also make yourself a gift and try the tasty Wine Jelly in a jar or accompain cheeses and vegetables with jarred mustard. Finally, if you like pasta, here's Ready-made gravy in jars and Canned ready-made gravy to feel Italy in full.

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